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Junior 1 Camp Messages

Last year, I was invited to speak for this year’s Junior 1 Camp at Peniel Bible Camp. After many months of preparation, the time finally came … and has gone. It was a great time ministering to the third and fourth graders who attended as well as to the various staff members. And from the reports I’ve heard, the Lord used the messages and the follow-up to draw several to himself.

The camp recorded each of the messages as mp3 files. So, if you would like to hear one of them, just click on the title below. I hope that you will find them useful.

  1. Sinful man is deceived.
  2. Sinful man cannot please God.
  3. Sinful man does not seek God.
  4. Sinful man deserves Hell.
  5. God must intervene.
  6. God requires repentance and faith.
  7. God gives assurance through growth.
  8. God saved me for a purpose.
  9. God will take believers home.

Plan B

A friend recently sent me an mp3 of a message that turned out to be a special blessing to me. The title of the message is “We’re all living Plan B,” and the text is Jeremiah 29:4-14. In that section, Jeremiah tells the people to accept their captivity in Babylon and to live out their own Plan B. Obviously, being held captive in a foreign land would not be anyone’s first choice. But as they sought him through the difficult experience they would eventually see how God used it to be God’s best for them.

Uncle Rudy makes the Portfolio!

Remember the Uncle Rudy story for VBS 2005? I hired cartoonist Ron Wheeler to do the artwork for the postcard we sent out from Bible Community Church. I have always enjoyed Ron’s work and used his artwork (with permission) for each of my audio CDs. I was pleasantly surprised to see Ron still using the Uncle Rudy sketch in his portfolio.

If your church ministry is needing some clipart for Vacation Bible School or another youth outreach, check out Ron’s site at He has lots of kid friendly artwork which I think is helpful when telling Bible stories. If you would like access to a large collection of clipart, you should do one of two things: (1) order his clipart CD collection, or (2) purchase a membership for his Cartoon Vault. A five day membership is $5.95 if you just need something for one project. If you appreciate cartoons (as I do), you’ll like his work.

Popular Preachers

A few years ago, I started an online catalogue of sermons/stories I had either preached or appreciated. Those included sermons from Pastor Ashbrook, Pastor Spence, myself, visiting speakers, and several made available on the Internet. Although I haven’t updated the list for quite some time, I was happily surprised to see how many people are still making use of the mp3s.

According to the chart the most popular sermons are as follows:

  1. The Conceited General by Pastor Ashbrook
  2. How Then Should We Live? by Andy Rupert
  3. The Fire of Judgment by Pastor Spence
  4. Colossians 2 by Dr. Barrett
  5. Why So Long? by Andy Rupert
  6. Handling Trials by Mrs. Faith Goldfuss

It was also interesting to see that people are still making use of the audio adventure stories. The stories were made available on the Internet after we decided to discontinue selling the audio CDs. It took a bit more time and money than it was worth. And hopefully, this way more people will be able to take advantage of them.

Another thing that surprised me (but shouldn’t have) was the popularity of “Stuck in the Bathroom” by Doug Morrow. That is one of the funniest stories I have ever heard in person. And don’t worry. It’s a clean story. You’ll enjoy it.

Irresistible Grace

I appreciated the following sermon about the Calvinistic doctrine of irresistible grace. In his sermon, the pastor clamly and patiently teaches through the biblical evidence also giving answers to the tough questions. If you like what you hear, he has eight other sermons in the series that cover the five points of Calvinism and hyper-Calvanism.

Irresistible Grace by Michael Phillips

Let me know what you think.

Missions Conference 2007

Our church is holding a special missions conference this week, November 7-9, and 11. We will be hearing from the Zartmans (Mexico), Pfaunmillers (Puerto Rico), Van Reijns (Netherlands), and Dr. Batory (GFA Missions). Mr. Zartman spoke this evening from Isaiah 6. His main idea was that to have a renewed vision for missions, one must have a renewed vision of God. I appreciated the message and wanted to pass it along for your edification as well.

Click here for Mr. Zartman’s message.

Judgment of the Nations

In Matthew 25:31-46, was our Lord Jesus teaching a form of works righteousness? At first look, you might think so. Those who treated God’s children well entered the kingdom and those who did not received eternal punishment. We know from other passages of Scripture that our salvation is based on the work of Christ and not our own. So, what is being taught here?

Pastor Peter J. Foxx of Calvary Bible Church in Columbus preached a message from this passage yesterday morning. Our family happened to be in the area and were privileged to hear this exposition of the passage. I found what Pastor Foxx referred to as his “introduction to next week’s message” to be quite interesting, including the following statement:

A man’s word is not enough for entrance into God’s kingdom; there has to be evidence.

Here are a few thoughts I scribbled down during the message:

  1. This message is referring to how people treat the Jews during the Tribulation.
  2. The purpose of this judgment is to determine which survivors will enter the Millennial kingdom.
  3. This message correlates with James 2:14-26.

For those interested, you can listen to the entire sermon here. Note that it is about 52 minutes long and is an 18 MB donwload.

Are you an evangelistic idiot?

At the 2007 Church Planting Conference at Grace Church of Mentor, Dr. Dave Doran spoke three times from 2 Corinthians 4. In his first session (which I just listened to this morning) he spoke from 4:1-6. I appreciated his encouragement toward steadfastness in the ministry at the beginning of the message. But I also appreciated the latter portion dealing with the success or failure of ministry. His point was that success is not achieved by our efforts. The Holy Spirit must work in the hearts of spiritually dead people or they will never respond to the gospel. With that thought in mind, he went so far as to say that “I am an idiot” if I place the burden on myself to win people to Christ.

Download mp3s of each session here:

Doran 1
Doran 2
Doran 3