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One Upped at Disneyland

You finally land a job as an entertainer at Disneyland as part of the Dapper Dans barbershop quartet. You feel pretty good about the job because you’ve always enjoyed singing. And even better, you get to sing the close harmonies of barbershop … all day long! As people stop to listen, you begin to think that you’re a famous singer. So many people applaud you every day. As your head begins to swell, something happens that brings you back to earth. Four men in the crowd ask if they can sing you a song. “Well, sure!” you say, not knowing exactly what to expect …


2009 Champions


Fred Farrell

Second Edition (1989 champions)


Mike Slamka

Power Play (2003 champions)


Jim Henry

Gas House Gang (1993 champions)


Brandon Guyton

Four Voices (2002 champions)