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Just trying to show Trenton that other boys have learned to cope with curly hair.

My Famous Brother…

…was quoted in an Ohio State Lantern article.

Many stations were arranged throughout the encampment: an artillery camp, a music tent, an infantry tent and a medical hospital station. Many of the volunteers who participate in Civil War re-enactments study actual historical figures to enhance the experience.

Michael Rupert portrayed a Civil War medic named Benjamin Pittman.

“If you were hit by a bullet, we would examine your wound with the first probe that we have at hand,” he said, raising his index finger. “And if we’re lucky, we wash our hands maybe twice a day.”

Another cannon blast reverberated between the high-rise buildings of downtown Columbus.

“War is pretty gruesome. That’s why I am pleased to talk about this because I don’t want people to think war is all glory and just a big adventure,” Rupert said.

As a communication specialist on the Capitol Square Review and Advisory Board at the Ohio Statehouse, he helped organize the encampment this year and has been a member of Battery A since 2000.

Civil War encampment gives observers chance to view ‘living history’

Jefferson: Arrow of Light Ceremony

Congratulations to Matthew, Tommy, and Jefferson for achieving the Arrow of Light and crossing the bridge into the Boy Scouts program. And a big thank you to Tom R. for working with the boys for the past couple of years. I hope you all do well in the future.