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For Those Who Can’t Go

When I was saved, I thought that I
The whole wide world would win
I’d sail the seas and plant the cross
Where it had never been

I never dreamed, the Lord would say
You are not called to go
You simply stay at home and work
With Sister So and So

I’ve heard the missionaries tell
How often they face death
Because of savage tribes and beasts
And pythons in their path

Be sure, I’m thrilled at all these tales
I don’t discount the foe
But they would quake, if they should face
Our Sister So and So

May He forgive me if I’m wrong
I pray for grace each day
For tact, diplomacy and love
As I go on my way

I’ve learned a lot in my home church
That angels never knew
The patience that it takes to live
With Sister So and So

Now, when we meet in heaven some day
For blessings that He gives
And I see you with your arms full
Of precious golden sheaves

I’ll tilt my crown, so you can see
One star that’s all a-glow
The one I got for puttin’ up
With Sister So and So

Anonymous (quoted by Wilson Wahl)

The Facebook Song

The Bob Jones University Fall Music Ministry Team sang at our church tonight. They were a blessing to hear sing spiritual songs during the service. And the message from Philippians 4:6-7 was encouraging as well. Afterward we had them join the teens for pizza and some fun. One of the things they did was the facebook song. Kinda funny in a sad sort of way. NOTE: They have a better quality version on their facebook fan site: BJU Fall Music Ministry Team.