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Quotation of the Day

As John McManus, president of The John Birch Society, counseled constitutionalists: “The advice given the Senate by Howard Dean is precisely what should be done. The healthcare bill is a monstrous piece of legislation that is unconstitutional, hugely expensive, and remarkably threatening to the best healthcare system in the world. While the recommendation given by Dean is surprising coming from him, let’s remember that a stopped clock registers the correct time twice each day. He’s correct in this instance and his recommendation should be acted upon favorably.”

Is Obamacare on Life Support? by Joe Wolverton II

Great Presidents

“American liberty will never be re-established so long as elites and masses alike look to the president to perform supernatural feats and therefore tolerate his virtually unlimited exercise of power. Until we can restore limited, constitutional government in this country, God save us from great presidents.”

Robert Higgs, editor of the Independent Review

China Bombs Nevada Ranch!

“What if tomorrow morning you woke up to headlines that yet another Chinese drone bombing on US soil killed several dozen ranchers in a rural community while they were sleeping? That a drone aircraft had come across the Canadian border in the middle of the night and carried out the latest of many attacks? What if it was claimed that many of the victims harbored anti-Chinese sentiments, but most of the dead were innocent women and children? And what if the Chinese administration, in an effort to improve its public image in the US, had approved an aid package to send funds to help with American roads and schools and promote Chinese values here? Most Americans would not stand for it. Yet the above hypothetical events are similar to what our government is doing in Pakistan.”

Ron Paul in Bombs and Bribes as posted on October 5, 2009.